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Functional Reactive Programming Concepts in Javascript on top of Backbone

Functional Reactive Programming, or FRP, is an elegant approach to “purely functional” event-driven programming with values that change over time. It is a change of perspective from the usual meaning of “event driven” in Javascript, and it is very, very cool.

There already exists a from-first-principles implementation of FRP in Javascript via the Flapjax compiler, a lot of related ideas are in knockout.js, and Asana says their Luna framework was inspired by FRP. But I want to demonstrate how simple it is to get a naive implementation of FRP off the ground by using the event-handling API provided by Backbone. Since we are in Javascript, the semantic work that has gone into FRP is pretty much out the window anyhow.

Let’s dive in; here’s the HTML shell I’m going to use:

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Type Classes in Scala

Type classes are an idea originally from Haskell that you can implement in Scala via implicit parameters. This is not new or obscure, but the technique is so useful that another post just demonstrating the basics can’t hurt. I will keep this brief — I have a lot to say about type classes, but first the fundamentals need to be extremely solid.

Let’s get imports out of the way….

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